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Vivo Y21S GCam Port

Vivo is one of the leading smartphone brands that offers affordable smartphones with high-end features. The Vivo Y21S is one of its latest additions to its Y-series lineup. This device is packed with a 50MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. While the camera quality is good, some users may want to enhance the camera performance further. The solution? GCam Port.

GCam Port is an alternative camera app based on the Google Camera app that is designed to work with non-Pixel devices. The app is popular among Android users because it is known to produce high-quality images and videos. In this article, we will discuss how to install and use GCam Port on your Vivo Y21S device.

How to install and use GCam Port on your Vivo Y21S

Step 1: Download the GCam Port APK

The first step to using GCam Port on your Vivo Y21S device is to download the APK file. There are various versions of GCam Port available on the internet. However, not all versions are compatible with your device. So, it is important to find the right version for your device.

Step 2: Install the GCam Port APK

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to install it on your device. To do this, you need to go to your device’s settings and enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option. Then, go to the location where you downloaded the APK file and tap on it to install it on your device.

Step 3: Configure the GCam Port Settings

Once you have installed GCam Port on your device, you need to configure the settings to get the best results. To do this, open the GCam Port app and go to the settings menu. Here, you can adjust various settings such as HDR+, Night Sight, and other options.

Step 4: Start Using GCam Port

Now that you have installed and configured GCam Port on your Vivo Y21S device, you can start using it to capture high-quality images and videos. The app offers various features such as Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and HDR+ that can help enhance your camera performance.


The Vivo Y21S is already equipped with a good camera. However, with the GCam Port app, you can further enhance the camera performance and take your photography to the next level. Just make sure to download the right version of the app and configure the settings properly to get the best results. With GCam Port, you can capture stunning images and videos that you can cherish for years to come.

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