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Vivo Y21G GCam Port

Vivo 21g is a mid-range smartphone with decent camera specifications, but with the installation of a GCam port, the camera performance can be greatly enhanced. In this article, we will discuss the Vivo 21g GCam port and its various features.

What is GCam port?

GCam port stands for Google Camera port, which is a modified version of the stock camera app found on Android devices. This port is developed by third-party developers to bring Google’s advanced camera features to non-Google devices. The GCam port is designed to improve the camera performance and produce high-quality images with improved clarity, dynamic range, and color accuracy.

Features of Vivo 21g GCam port

  1. Night Sight mode: One of the most impressive features of the GCam port is the Night Sight mode. This feature uses advanced algorithms to capture stunning low-light images with minimal noise and improved detail. With the Night Sight mode, you can take clear and bright photos even in dimly lit environments.
  2. HDR+ mode: The HDR+ mode in GCam port is another impressive feature that enhances the dynamic range of your images. This mode captures multiple images at different exposures and merges them to produce a well-exposed and detailed photo.
  3. Astrophotography mode: The GCam port also supports astrophotography mode, which allows you to capture stunning photos of the night sky. This feature uses long exposure times and advanced processing algorithms to capture clear and detailed images of stars and constellations.
  4. Portrait mode: The portrait mode in the GCam port is designed to produce stunning bokeh effects that blur the background and keep the subject in focus. This mode uses advanced depth sensing technology to create a natural-looking blur effect.
  5. Slow-motion video: The GCam port also supports slow-motion video recording, allowing you to capture videos at high frame rates and slow them down for a dramatic effect.

How to install GCam port on Vivo 21g?

Installing the GCam port on your Vivo 21g is a straightforward process, but you need to ensure that you download the correct version of the port for your device. Here are the steps to install GCam port on Vivo 21g:

  1. Download the GCam port APK file from a trusted source.
  2. Enable installation from unknown sources in the security settings of your phone.
  3. Install the GCam port APK file on your phone.
  4. Launch the GCam app and grant it the necessary permissions.
  5. Start using the advanced camera features of the GCam port on your Vivo 21g.


The Vivo 21g is a capable mid-range smartphone, but the camera performance can be further enhanced with the installation of the GCam port. With features like Night Sight mode, HDR+ mode, and astrophotography mode, you can capture stunning photos and videos that rival those of high-end devices. Follow the steps outlined above to install the GCam port on your Vivo 21g and take your camera performance to the next level.

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