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Tips For Resetting Your Smartphone

If you’re having any unresponsive or slow behaviour with your phone, it usually means that there’s just too much stuff on your phone. Resetting it will clear up a lot of the clutter and allow you to get back to using your phone how it was when you bought it. Check out six tips for resetting your Android phone in this article!

Why you should reset your phone

The pros to resetting your phone are that you can clear out old apps, remove pictures and videos that were sent or received with a certain person, review your privacy settings, and fix any glitches or crashes. The downside is that you need to set up your phone again.

What should I do after I’ve reset my phone?

You should back up your data and make sure that you disable the Find My Phone service before resetting your phone. You should also update the Google Play Services app, delete any downloaded apps that you no longer want, and uninstall any unnecessary apps before resetting.

How do you hard reset an Android phone?

Press and hold the power key for 10 seconds. If the phone has a fingerprint sensor, press and hold the power key for 20 seconds. If you have a Google Pixel, use a paper clip to press the reset button on the back of your phone.

Does resetting an android phone delete everything?

Restoring an android phone to factory settings does not delete all of the data. It will erase personal data, but it won’t delete third-party apps or other content stored on the phone. To prevent this, use a PIN lock and set that to erase all data if someone enters the wrong PIN too many times.

Should I factory reset my phone?

Sometimes the best thing to do is reset your phone. Factory resetting a phone will delete all the data on it. This includes any photos, videos, and music you may have stored on your phone. However, if you want to sell your phone or give it to someone else, this will wipe it clean so they can start fresh with their own data.

Resetting a phone will also restore its factory settings which are designed to make it work better with the operating system. Android phones and iPhones both have built-in methods for resetting them.

Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

After a factory reset, data cannot be recovered on most Android devices. The exception is when the user has chosen to encrypt their phone with a password or PIN. If that is the case, then encryption will be removed and all of the data will be available for recovery after a factory reset.

This can be achieved by typing in the password after rebooting the phone. It will prompt you to encrypt your phone again if you choose that security option again.

Does a factory reset remove contacts?

When you reset your smartphone, it will erase everything. It doesn’t delete contacts from your phone’s memory. If you have photos and files that you want to keep, make sure to back them up before resetting your phone.

How do I restart my phone without deleting everything?

You can reset your phone without deleting everything! Simply hold the power button for a few seconds until the phone shuts down. Then press the same button and hold it again, but this time do not release your finger. The phone will restart and you’ll have an option to start fresh.

What should I backup before factory reset Android?

Before you reset your Android phone, it’s important to back up all of your data. This includes contacts, messages, photos and videos, files (documents and spreadsheets), bookmarks, and app data. It’s also a good idea to use the factory reset option on your device before you sell it or trade it in because doing this will wipe all of the data from the device and leave it ready for its new owner or user.

Should I remove SIM card before reset?

This can depend on the type of phone you have. For example if you have an iPhone with a removable SIM card, then before resetting your phone, it is recommended that you remove the SIM card and place it in another device to preserve any data or contacts.

You will not be able to return to this step after resetting your phone, so make sure you are ready to start over with a clean slate.

Will I lose my minutes if I factory reset my phone?

You will not lose your minutes if you reset your phone. You may lose some photos and other personal data, but it typically saves on your memory when you do so. The only things that are deleted are the data stored by apps and the operating system, which is usually pretty minimal.

Paragraph: This can be an easy way to freshen up your phone without buying a new one.


The following is a list of six tips for resetting your smartphone. First, make sure to take your phone out of any protective cases, and remove any SD cards. Next, turn the device off before you connect it to a power source.

Once it’s on and connected to the power source, press the power button two times in row and leave it on until it reboots. Once you’ve done this, you can perform an initial setup of your phone. After that, you should reboot your phone every few weeks or so to avoid any glitches.

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