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POCO C55 Gcam Port

As mobile photography is becoming increasingly popular, smartphone manufacturers are focusing more on camera features and specifications to improve camera quality. One such device is the Poco C55, which comes with a 50MP primary camera and a 2MP depth sensor. However, with the help of the Google Camera (GCam) port, users can take even better pictures with their Poco C55. In this article, we will discuss the Poco C55 GCam port and its features in detail.

What is a GCam Port?

Google Camera (GCam) is a camera application developed by Google for its Pixel series of devices. It is known for its exceptional image quality, thanks to its advanced camera algorithms and features. The GCam app has become so popular that third-party developers have created ports of the app for other devices. These ports allow users to install the GCam app on their non-Pixel devices, unlocking the advanced camera features that come with the app.

What are the features of the Poco C55 GCam Port?

The Poco C55 GCam port is a modified version of the Google Camera app that is designed to work with the Poco C55. It comes with several features that enhance the camera performance of the device. Some of the notable features of Poco C55 GCam Port are:

  1. Night Sight: With Night Sight, users can take stunning low-light photos without the need for a flash. The feature uses advanced algorithms to capture more light and detail in low-light conditions, resulting in brighter and clearer photos.
  2. Astrophotography: Astrophotography is a feature that allows users to capture stunning photos of the night sky. The feature uses long exposure times to capture the light from stars and other celestial bodies, resulting in stunning photos of the night sky.
  3. Portrait Mode: Portrait mode is a popular camera feature that blurs the background of a photo while keeping the subject in focus. This results in stunning photos with a professional-looking bokeh effect.
  4. Super Res Zoom: Super Res Zoom is a feature that uses advanced algorithms to capture high-quality photos even when zoomed in. This allows users to capture more details and sharpness in their photos even when zoomed in.
  5. HDR+ Enhanced: HDR+ is a feature that captures multiple images at different exposures and combines them to create a single photo with more detail and color accuracy. HDR+ Enhanced is an improved version of this feature that captures even more detail and color accuracy in photos.

Download the GCam APK file

POCO C55 Gcam Version 8.2

Download Link: Gcam [ Download Now ]

File Size: 84 MB
Minimum: Android 10 (API 29)
Updated: August 17, 2022

POCO C55 Gcam 7.5 Version

Download Link: Gcam [ Download Now ]

File Size: 78 MB
Minimum: Android 10 (API 29)
Updated: January 30, 2023

POCO C55 Gcam 7.4 Version

Download Link – Gcam [ Download Now ]

File Size: 114 MB
Minimum: Android 10 (API 29)
Updated: January 27, 2022

POCO C55 Gcam 7.2 Version

Download Link: Gcam [ Download Now ]

File Size: 116 MB
Minimum: Android 10 (API 29)
Updated: October 20, 2022

How to Install Poco C55 GCam Port?

To install the Poco C55 GCam port, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest version of the GCam port from a reliable source.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in the device’s settings to allow the installation of third-party apps.
  3. Install the downloaded APK file.
  4. Open the GCam app and grant it the necessary permissions.
  5. Configure the settings to your liking and start taking photos.


The Poco C55 GCam port is an excellent tool that can help users take better photos with their device. The features of the GCam port make it an essential app for photography enthusiasts who want to take stunning photos with their Poco C55. The installation process is straightforward, and users can start taking better photos with their device in no time.

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